Seyed Rahbar Hosseini

President Of World TAVAN Federation

Under his father’s supervision, he began playing karate in 1983 and has been active in Kung Fu, Kicking Boxing and is now expanding Tavan martial arts both inside and outside the country.

TAVAN History

Tavan began to operate informally in 2011 and started its official activity under the National Federation of Combat Sports kickboxing in 2016 and has been officially registered in various countries of Asia, Europe and Africa and on the verge of global It is in the real sense, and in some countries, it has the capacity to act as a federation. The martial arts can include: Tavan Semi-Control Competition designed for more athletes’ safety and health, free-kick and downhole strokes, and kickbacks are hand-free with boxing gloves on the head and trunk – enjoying the race From the wood, which is held in three different parts – the training of a variety of cold weapons – personal defense – Kata (which is designed in every age category as a standard kata).

Tavan Competitions

Competitions Using Stick

Pulling with two hands in a sitting position from the front using the stick: in this position, a straight and solid wooden stick is placed between two practitioners and each one grab the stick with both hands. The arms are stretched, the sole stuck together, the hip on the floor; simultaneously both practitioners start pulling the stick. The one who is taken off the ground loses score.

Pulling in a standing position with both hands from the front using the wooden stick: in this position, a straight and solid wooden stick is placed between two practitioners. Both of them stand behind a line and they start to pull the stick simultaneously trying to make the ….

Semi-Control Competition

Definition of power semi-control competition: This type of competition is designed in order to enhance the safety and health and health of athletes and any strike to the head by leg is forbidden. The competition is a competition of hand and leg techniques. Semi- control power competition are held on standard mats (Tatami). Standard mats in formal competition: The dimensions of the mats are 8 x 8 meters and safety space

1 x 1 meters from all sides is considered. Both sides of players’ resting space must be identified with red and black colors. Notes: the cover of the mat should be 2.5 cm. in thickness. Player’s clothing and related safety equipment: Dark blue coat …